There is a transition in ever male’s life that is quite literally life changing. And its not puberty—well, not just puberty. Its Fatherhood; becoming a dad changes a man to his core. Often, the signs are there but the dad is unaware—or in denial—but eventually, he comes to terms and embraces Dad Life. Once they do, things are never the same (much to the eventual dislike of their tween).

This is a tribute to all you dads. Read these and know, we see you, Dad.

You Know You’re A Dad When…

  • You can sing (or hum) along to the songs playing at Gymboree, even if it is off-key. Likely, you don’t even realize you are doing it until someone points it out. And, you’re not even embarrassed.
  • Happy hour now means your mini-me went down smoothly for their nap.
  • You have or are considering trading in your sports car for an SUV solely for the relative ease of loading the stroller in the trunk.
  • You know the names of every “Good Pup”—you know the show we’re talking about—and have forgotten the names of the players on your favorite team.
  • You’ve stopped questioning why something is wet… or sticky. So long as it doesn’t smell, it’s a problem for another time.
  • You went to work with a potty reward sticker stuck to the front of your polo.
  • Cargo shorts are a godsend.
  • You’ve noticed that no matter how long at the gym, you’ve still got Dad Bod. Its in your DNA now, no escaping; you can stop doing all those laps.
  • You have your baby’s birth stats better memorized than a sport stat.
  • You’ve had someone else’s vomit in your mouth.
  • Long car rides are avoided at any cost. No one really wants to play I Spy for that long. No one.
  • Car seat safety is something you preach about to your buddies who don’t have kids—yet.
  • Obsession with lights and running water have begun to set it and you have said things like “Leave some water for the fish” or “I’m not made of money—are you paying these bills?”.
  • And you have an obsession with the thermostat. You can sense if its been touched even if you aren’t at home.
  • Puns have become second nature. You just can’t stop them. You don’t want to.
  • You’ve asked, “Who?” several times when your tween talks about a long-time friend.
  • Dinner includes the leftovers from your child’s plate.
  • Pandora recommends you start your day with “The Wheels On The Bus.”
  • You have your own chair and spend an awful lot of time in the garage (or shed)
  • You’ve started tons of projects… Finished few.