Reading to your infant, toddler, or young child affords you an opportunity to share a moment with your child, enabling you to bond and strengthen your parent-child relationship. Any event in which is shared between a parent and a child can have a positive influence on their development.

  • Spending time with your child and sharing an activity, such as reading, establishes and builds trust—your child can look forward to this event and expect that you will continue to follow through. Building trust is one of the most important aspects of a child’s development because it shapes and forms how your child will interact with the world (and the people) around them.

  • A shared experience also creates an intimate parent-child moment—releasing feelings of closeness, nurturing, love, and attention. All of these can have a significant influence in the child’s mental and personal development.

  • Even if your child is too young to understand what you are saying, it still helps them to formulate language skills.

  • Hearing the voice of a loved one also promotes feelings of nurturing and reassurance in babies and young children.

  • By encouraging a healthy, nurturing bond between yourself and your child, you increase their likelihood of a positive life and outlook on life.

  • The routine of reading with your child also further establishes trust and reassurance. Children who maintain a schedule are often better adjusted and well-behaved.

  • Reading aloud opens the door to further communication—sharing stories to provide life lessons and promote discussions on difficult topics.

  • Being read to encourages the improvement of the child’s language skills—enhancing their vocabulary, comprehension of new words, and subsequently improving their own reading, writing, and communication skills.

Overall, reading to your child will help to make them a more well-rounded reader themselves and improve other major skills. In addition, it opens a gateway for improved communication between you and your child because of the strong bond it encourages and helps to grow. Allowing you to continue to nurture and raise your child effectively.