Level 1

Saving My Money


Book Synopsis: "Saving My Money" is a fun and educational picture book that will prompt beginning readers to think and learn about the basic concepts of money management. Young children are best able to grasp the idea of earning and saving money when it is explained in a picture book. Read with your child [...]

Painted Turtle


Book Synopsis: WILL I SURVIVE is an adventure-filled picture book for beginning readers. Toddlers and children will anxiously follow along as a baby turtle is trying to survive from its natural predators. What happens when the turtle is targeted as prey? What gifts does the turtle have to keep him safe from harm? Will [...]

Green Anole Lizard


Book Synopsis: Follow the little green Anole lizard as he wanders through his habitat and learn about the different predators the Anole lizard faces and what behaviors and instincts the lizard uses to stay alive. Will it make it, WILL IT SURVIVE? Reading Level : Level 1 Category : Will I Survive? Paperback: $9.99 [...]

American Alligator


Book Synopsis: Today, the baby American alligator is born—hatched into a world of potential dangers. Explore the inherited traits baby alligators use to survive in the wild and what they do when faced with trouble. Read along as the baby alligator wonders, WILL I SURVIVE? Reading Level : Level 1 Category : Will I [...]