the 5 core elements of a story infographic

The 5 Core Elements of a Story


Characters, especially those who are well-developed, are what tie readers to the story and keep them reading. In most stories there is a main character or a protagonist who the plot of the story follows. This character is what the story builds around – including the central conflict and resolution.  You can have a main character or protagonist who is the central focus of the tale.


All stories must take place somewhere and somewhen. A descriptive setting can help a child’s imagination dive into the story, making it feel more real as they read along.


Simply put, the plot is the storyline. It has a beginning (where the characters and setting are described), a middle (where the conflict is introducted and comes to a climax), and an ending (where the conflict comes to a resolution).


Every story has an external conflict which culminates to a climax (for example a main character facing off against a villian). It may also have internal conflicts such as the personal conflicts within each character (for example, the main character having a personal fear).


The resolution is how the main external conflict or internal conflict is resolved or comes to an end. A resolution doesn’t always mean the end of the story; a new conflict could be introduced and the plot cycles back to another resolution. Or a second book is written!

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