You Know You’re A Dad When…

There is a transition in ever male’s life that is quite literally life changing. And its not puberty—well, not just puberty. Its Fatherhood; becoming a dad changes a man to his core. Often, the signs are there but the dad is unaware—or in denial—but eventually, he comes to terms and embraces Dad Life. Once [...]

How To Make Reading More Fun For Toddlers

Getting a young child, especially a rambunctious, stubborn, or highly independent toddler to focus long enough to get through a story can be difficult—although not entirely impossible. Here are some tips to make reading time more fun for your child and for you. Sitting Still Is Not Required A toddler, sit still? If that [...]

When And How To Read To Your Toddler

Reading to your young child(ren) regularly can have a significant impact on your child’s development and help them to learn over a million new words before they get to kindergarten. In order to help your child take advantage of these benefits, creating a schedule to follow can help ensure you get in as many [...]

How To Choose Books Your Child Will Read

The 5 Core Elements of a Story Characters Characters, especially those who are well-developed, are what tie readers to the story and keep them reading. In most stories there is a main character or a protagonist who the plot of the story follows. This character is what the story builds around - including [...]

10 Surprising Facts About Father Involvement That Shouldn’t Be So Surprising

Fathers aren’t always given the same recognition as mothers are in the lives of their children. Children were once thought to be the primary responsibility of mothers; however, the times have clearly changed and father involvement is considered paramount to a child’s success in their adult life. This doesn’t mean a mother’s role is less [...]

Is Your 3rd Grader Acting Out? This May Be Why.

Schools are promoting 20 minutes or more of reading per night—but why? Reading to your child from an early age (even as early as only a few months old) and beyond develops a lasting love for reading, parent-child bond, improved social skills, academic success, and improved behavior. Low literacy levels are a high indicator [...]

Reading Bedtime Stories Will Make You A Better Parent

Reading with your toddler provides more surprising benefits than just a special time to bond with your child—it can also affect how you discipline and can improve your child’s behavior. Science says so. A Rutgers-led study asked 2,165 mothers whose children were between the ages of 1 and 3 years old about [...]

Reading And Academic Success

Reading to your child is an excellent opportunity to bond with your child, create loving memories, and to set them up for academic success—and later, overall success in their life. PBS published that “studies have shown the more words that are in a child’s language world, the more words they will learn, and the [...]

Reading Builds A Special Bond With Your Child

Reading to your infant, toddler, or young child affords you an opportunity to share a moment with your child, enabling you to bond and strengthen your parent-child relationship. Any event in which is shared between a parent and a child can have a positive influence on their development. Spending time with your child [...]

Why You Should Read Books Out Loud And Encourage Your Child To Do So

Reading aloud is a great way for you to share story time with your child. It is also highly beneficial for your child to take part in reading aloud as well. Reading aloud is considered to be vital in language development and success in school. Development of Early Language Skills Reading aloud to your [...]

Why Reading With Your Preschooler Is Important

Reading to your young preschool-aged child can help to build your child’s development in many ways. At this age, you child is beginning to master forming sentences and expressing thoughts, feelings, and needs verbally. By reading aloud to your child, you are helping to familiarize your child with words—the sounds they make, their meanings, and [...]

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