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We believe that more parents should read aloud to—and along with—their children. Reading together strengthens the bond between parent and child as well as helping to advance your young reader’s vocabulary, word comprehension, and pronunciation.

Read2Me Dad was created in 2018 by a team of authors, artists, and parents as a means to encourage more parents to read with their children and to keep children excited about their bedtime stories. In addition, our book program also serves to inspire more Dad’s to read with or to their kids and be the driving force behind their child’s love for reading.

We believe new readers are initially drawn to picture books that stimulate their imagination and illustrations that spark interest in the storyline. Our available line of books includes all levels of reading comprehension and many include detailed graphics to accompany the story to maintain the attention of the child as the parent reads aloud or with their child. Our books also vary from the traditional stories in bookstores as they provide young readers with age-appropriate thrills, action, and suspense while still affording an easy-to-read and comprehensive storyline.

Read2MeDad Adventure & Fantasy Books For Kids


Our books can easily be purchased through our Amazon store or can be found at participating local libraries. If your library doesn’t carry Read2Me Dad books, you can submit a request to your local librarian to add Read2Me Dad books to the library’s collection. Opt for one of our stand-alone publications or select from one of our inquisitive or action-packed series such as:

Read2MeDad popular kids books


These books are an exciting and educational series about young animals trying to survive in their natural environment. Detailed and colorful illustrations will thrill your young reader! Enhance your child’s knowledge of animals as they learn about specific predators and behaviors that each animal has. Young readers will anxiously follow along as each animal uses their natural gifts to stay alive in the wild. Some will make it, and some will not! WHO WILL SURVIVE?


An action-packed series of picture books for the beginning reader. Inspired by fantasy leaders like Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit, Read2Me Dad brings unique stories to thrill our young readers and spark their imaginations. Follow our CALL OF KINGS series as we introduce new characters to root and cheer for as they compete for survival. Finally, a high fantasy picture book series that will encourage your child to pick up a book and read when they are thirsting for action and suspense. CALL OF KINGS is here!


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A fun and exciting series depicting famous warriors battling against each other until a winner of the battle is determined. Young readers will anxiously guess or choose their champion as they enjoy our stories filled with action, suspense, and surprise endings. Detailed and colorful illustrations will thrill your young reader as they read along. Advance your child’s vocabulary as they study our bonus word glossary. Let the battles begin!

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