Fathers aren’t always given the same recognition as mothers are in the lives of their children. Children were once thought to be the primary responsibility of mothers; however, the times have clearly changed and father involvement is considered paramount to a child’s success in their adult life. This doesn’t mean a mother’s role is less important, just that a father’s role is just as vital.

Involvement in this sense is being knowledgeable about their child’s regular activities and well-being and taking an active emotional and physical role in raising their children. The Fatherhood Project conducted a study, and below is what they found about families with involved fathers. This research is one of the reasons Read2MeDad puts a focus on dads reading to their children every day.

10 Facts About Active Father Involvement and Engagement

  1. Fathers and their infants can bond just as strongly as mothers and their infants. There is no biological drive that pulls an infant towards one or the other—both parents can take a part in meeting the infant’s needs.
  2. The quality of a father-child relationship is not dependent on the amount of time spent together. A non-resident/non-custodial father will still have a positive effect on their child’s development socially, emotionally, academically, and behaviorally.
  3. Active involvement by fathers in their infant’s life can improve breastfeeding rates and help premature babies gain weight.
  4. Authoritative parenting (setting clear boundaries and expectations while supporting emotionally) by fathers improves a child’s academic, social, emotional, and behavioral success.
  5. Increase father involvement is linked to an increase in a child’s level of confidence, sociability, and self-control.
  6. Actively involved fathers can help their children perform better at school. Children with an involved father are 43% more likely to get an A and are 33% less likely to have to repeat a grade.
  7. Children who have a strong bond with their father are:
    1. 2 times more likely to go to college or gain stable employment following graduation.
    2. 75% less likely to be a teen parent.
    3. 80% less likely to become incarcerated.
    4. 50% less likely to develop depression or have depressive symptoms.
  8. Children who have involved fathers are less likely to act out or take part in risky adolescence behavior.
  9. Daughters with an actively participating father are less likely to have psychological health problems and have reduced rates of depression.
  10. Sons are less likely to exhibit behavioral issues and delinquency.

The role of the father may have once been one of understated value, one of providing minimal support on the sideline; but now, we know so much more about the benefits of true fatherhood. By providing books that are engaging to both dads and their sons (and even daughters) Read2MeDad helps to support and encourage the roles of fathers in their child’s life and daily routine.